Why you are not having fulfilment in your assignment, emptiness has set in, you seem to have lost your grip in the mist of the noise is this: YOU ARE READING AND MAYBE ACTING ANOTHER MAN’S ‘BOOK’ .

Watch it! We might look alike but everyone sure has their life’s details. There is something written about you…. Yes. You are different.

Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book, it is written of me,

Psalms 40:7 KJV

When the pursuit is not tailored on your MANDATE, you have no date with destiny. Until you discover your Mandate and run with it, you have no date with destiny.

Forget the crowd, don’t follow others. There is A ‘YOU’. Have you found you?

Many are doing it because others are doing it. Is it in line with what is written about you? If it is, is it the time? Embarking on a mission or project because it is popular is the highest pit for failure. That which another is doing, are you called to do it? Is it in your book? The bandwagon fever will leave you broken and torn apart.

When Jesus came into the synagogue at the inauguration of his ministry, the book of Isaiah was given to him, he opens the place “where it was written about him”, then he proclaimed. After that, he closed it and spoke from there as they looked on him fulfilling it. Luke 4:17-21

Pick your own book up again. Stop where God stopped. It is only in your calling that you can arrest attention and influence.

Start working on your book details page by page, little by little, you shall get there. Don’t let the stories of others drag you out of your timing. You don’t know where they started. What is written in yours might be far more glorious than there’s. Stay on yours.

Don’t start a church because someone did. Don’t travel because another did. Don’t buy this and that because you saw him or her do so. Don’t marry because another did. Don’t release an album because others are doing so. When you rush out of your time, you lose, real time.

Your ‘book’ is your calling in destiny. God has gifted you enough for greatness. Don’t let another run you down, nor make you desire his/her gift more than yours.

We all can take our world by storm if we believe in the beauty of our dreams. Your uniqueness is divine and can announce you to the world. Work your dream and stop looking down on it.

You shine is in your Mandate. Work it out.

Read through your book’s volume. That which is written about you is powerful, global, elevating, historical, iconic, glorious. Stay on it. Be focused. NO SHAKING!!

Love you all

Pastor Power Ugochukwu Umelo

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